Year 12 exams are not the only door to a great future #THERESLIFEAFTER

About This Project

220,000 young Australians are about to go through one of the most stressful times of their lives: Year 12 exams. Reach out to a Year 12 student this month to let them know there’s life after Year 12 exams.



Stress- and study-related problems are young people’s top concerns, and new research has indicated that around 42 per cent of Year 12 students have worrying levels of anxiety. Half of all students say that too much is expected of them in Year 12.

During exam time in 2014, the number of visits to exam- and stress-related content on ReachOut increased by 500%. Exam stress is obviously affecting the wellbeing of young Australians, but your support is helping ReachOut to be there for them.

This October and November, 220,000 Year 12 students will sit their final exams. Many of them feel like their entire life depends on their results, but those of us who’ve been there before know there’s life after.

We’re calling on everyone to reach out to a student this month to let them know that There’s Life After Year 12 Exams by sharing a video from or info about managing stress from

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