THE SPACE BETWEEN by Katie Kendall

About This Project

THE SPACE BETWEEN are moments of clarity & consciousness in which time stands still and you’reimmersed in the moment by Katie Kendall goes by ActiveYogi and director of Yoga at Flow Athletic.


Katie says: “It’s micro-mindfulness in every day living for greater fulfillment, productivity and purpose. A few years ago I opened a yoga & fitness studio with a mate. Late nights, fatigue, stress and a general sense of ‘busy-ness’ as well as a lack of self-connection and self-belief had my health shattered. I wasn’t taking my daily medicine – yoga – had all but abandoned my meditation practice, made no time to nurture relationships and had zero energy. Although from the outside it looked like I had it all -a hugely promising business, a growing profile in the health & wellness space and opportunities galore – I was exhausted, riddled with self doubt, consistently compared myself to other women who were more successful than I and wasn’t nourishing nor sleeping enough.


I was holding onto some resentment around a few of the relationships in my life and was more than happy to play the victim and blame other people for my unhappiness.


On top of this a dormant eating disorder that I had picked up in high school reared its ugly head whenever I needed to ‘cope’ and my periods completely stopped. I wasn’t myself. I wasn’t the KK that all my friends knew and loved. One Christmas, after a week away from the studio having had enough time to decompress for the first time in a few years, I started to feel ‘myself’ again. I practice my yoga and meditation daily again, adopted a clean diet and was surrounded by people who loved me and whom I loved and felt I was contributing to their happiness.


I remembered how it felt to look after myself and bathe in a sense of joy that only comes from gratitude, daily stillness, connection and kind and loving thoughts – al the things I had been starving myself of.


And so my journey back to health and clarity began. I decided being tired and grumpy all the time wasn’t fun. What was all the hard work for if I wasn’t enjoying myself? I realized it’s madness. THE SPACE BETWEEN is a collection of moments, experiences and insights. It’s my journey from high stress, low quality existence to intense joy, ‘aha’ moments and greater fulfillment.


We the team at AVOCA Ventures are proud to be associated with Katie and helping her launch THE SPACE BETWEEN which you can check out at and we’ve more install for you so stay tuned.

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