No fooling: There’s Life After #BADMOVES

About This Project

Online youth mental health organisation ReachOut Australia is using April Fools’ Day to launch a campaign showing young people that there’s life after making bad moves.

As Australians set about playing practical jokes and hoaxing each other, ReachOut is launching a one-month online campaign about making mistakes and moving past them. ReachOut will showcase public admissions of bad moves from people all around the country in an online confessional from 1–26 April 2015.

The campaign “There’s Life After Bad Moves” is designed to remind young people that it’s possible to put their best foot forward and learn from mistakes or difficult situations.

Broadcasters and celebrities will help launch the campaign, with their own videos posted

ReachOut Australia CEO Jonathan Nicholas called on Australians to contribute online by posting their own stories on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TheresLifeAfter as a show of support for anyone who might be struggling with learning to fail or getting it wrong.

“Young people can feel lots of pressure to nail it every time,” he said. “We want them to know that their friends, teachers, parents and other responsible people sometimes get it wrong. What’s really important is to build resilience and realise that your mistakes do not define you.”

Tips and practical advice will be available at, as well as live forums and factsheets. Teachers and health professionals can access specially designed content at

To view the video confessions, go to

People from all around Australia are encouraged to talk about their own bad moves and how they moved past them by posting a clip on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #TheresLifeAfter. You can also follow the conversation by using the #TheresLifeAfter hashtag.


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