iPoo.ch is the Dog Barking, Voice Command Training & Security Project

About This Project

iPoo.ch is the Dog Barking, Voice Command Training & Security Project

We are pleased to launch the iPoo.ch App for iPhone 6 & iPad today for free globally for the next 30 days with a view to receiving your feedback to helping us extend our service and offering.


iPoo.ch listens, learns and trains your furry companion. Scientifically developed to improve your dogs’ home alone experience, we think this App is a little bit genius.


A modern day doggie day care, with iPoo.ch, it’s able to calm and reassure your pooch when they’re home alone and acting out. How? With your own preset, recorded voice command, set to play after a certain number of woofs, which you can personalise to create the best experience for you pooch.


If your pooch is upset and home alone barking mad, upsetting neighbours or just vocal our App has been developed to assist training your pet to stop all misbehaving. iPoo.ch can notify you at the same time your poochie is misbehaving. pretty cool ha!


A cost effective and scientifically proven solution, iPoo.ch is set to revolutionise the way households train their furry canines around the world. Our research shows that 39% of Australian households will benefit from iPoo.ch when owners have to leave their dogs at home due to work commitments or running errands. This app will help to train your pooch to stop barking when home alone, and , be able to feedback to you how many times your furry friend is barking during the day. The app will tell you at what time your pooch barked, how long for and how many times during the day. This is all to help you understand your ‘best friends’ habits and how to correct them – simple.


– Improve your dogs home alone experience
– Record and play your voice command
– Train your dog when they’re home alone
– Tap into our 24/7 iPoo.ch day care & support clinic
– Keep the neighbours happy….


It’s the perfect solution for when you’re unable to bring your baby with you, iPoo.ch has been scientifically developed to learn and recognise your dog’s voice, then deliver your recorded personal command through your iPad or iPhone if the barks reach a predetermined decibel frequency.


You can even receive alerts to your smartphone if the barking or disruption continues, just in case you want to check on things at home.


From mighty guard dogs, perky puppies to yappy old chaps, iPoo.ch is the ultimate dog minder, with personalised features including the following, leading edge functionality:

– Your voice command played at 5 barks from your pooch
– Low-frequency sound to calm your pooch, played after 10 high-pitched barks
– Soothing background music to distract your pooch, played after 15 barks
– Email notification to you, sent after 30 continued barks from your pooch


iPoo.ch settings are entirely personalised, so you can be assured, if your doggie training needs to change, iPoo.ch can adapt with you and your dogs voice.


So, forget worrying how your pup is behaving or if you’ll be coming home to any nasty surprises, iPoo.ch is your first line of defence against canine mischief, endless barking and even home security breaches.


We’ve got plans for expanding iPoo.ch and improving your poochie’s at home experience, so your feedback is really important to us. We’re currently exploring ideas such as developing an uber-like dog walking service but we cannot do that without your initial financial support!


iPoo.ch has also a built-in, direct hotline to our resident doggie clinic so we can provide you and your pooch with timely support.


We the AVOCA Ventures team are proud to be bringing this service to you and your pooch, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


To download the iPhone 6 or iPad version from the iTunes Apple App Store click here


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