Environmental In-Centre Fly Through

About This Project

Our objective here was to demonstrate how a centre could be activated for a pitch.

A in-Centre fly through for Broadway Shopping Centre
Environmental in-Centre animation & after effects
Demonstrates an integrated across channels campaign
Retail, in-centre, shopping mall

Digital media, mobile media, interactive atrium banners, bluetooth low energy messaging, augmented reality, gaming, gamification, installation, pop-up, experiential, outdoor, out of home, art direction, creative direction, software development & tech, POS, motion graphics, web, online and social media
Bringing all channels too life

Credits go to: UX lead and strategy & planning, creative and digital technologies direction by Bart Jawien.com and Motion graphics, animation & after-effects by David Ochudzawa from AVOCA Ventures.


October 16, 2014

AfterAffects, Animation