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About This Project

Welcome to the essentials personal concierge service.

Our extensive research has shown that 78% of Australian males simply do not consider purchasing toiletries or the basi.ccs before the product actually runs out. As part of our research we specifically asked single dating males between the age of 25 and 45 what they thought about the underwear they own – the response was seriously staggering … this is why we decided to add a pair of CK briefs to our range as an essential item. Furthermore, we found that 91% of males are simply just too busy to find the time to go to supermarkets or spend time in shopping malls – most follow extremely busy schedules and cannot ever find the time to purchase daily essentials on a weekly basis.

This is why we’re bringing to you the service.

The online store offers a range of must-have essentials as a one-off purchase or on subscription basis. Items that can now be accessible and delivered to any door effortlessly, anytime, anywhere, whatever your schedule or situation.

Experience’s point of difference: our personal 2 hour door-to-door person concierge service which is one of a kind. It’s truly the ultimate experience 24 / 7.

It’s the support staff working effortlessly behind the scenes from point of purchase through to delivery that makes this service unique and successful. It’s our guarantee to serve without the need to call or speak to anyone.

Our offering is simple, guaranteed, reliable, faultless, honest and timeless whatever your personal crisis, situation or needs.

As per our essentials range – we’ve dedicated time to researching, hand-picking and testing each product personally because at we only want to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so any feedback is welcome and imperative to’s growth.

To experience the true service and product range offering, we’ve launched a essentials monthly pack with a 30% discount as a trial for the first month.

Your monthly pack has every male’s essentials – available to be delivered every month, as your needs require.

Check out for more.


October 17, 2014

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